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Specialised visualisation services and creative content production. All about home decor, interior design and architecture. B2B and B2C. In the UK, Continental Europe and overseas.

Import and distribution. We sell the products of selected German brands in the UK and other overseas markets. Designer furniture, lamps and accessories from Germany.

Spezialisierte Visualisierungs-Dienstleistungen und kreative Inhalte Produktion. Rund um die Themen Wohnkultur, Inneneinrichtung und Architektur. B2B und B2C. In Großbritannien, Kontinentaleuropa und Übersee.

Import und Vertrieb. Wir verkaufen die Produkte ausgewählter deutscher Marken in Großbritannien und anderen Überseemärkten. Designermöbel, Leuchten und Accessoires aus Deutschland.

websites / businesses

Online-Shop for Home Accessories, Furniture, Lighting, Home Design Services.

Furniture and lighting. Interior Design Services for private clients, developers and B2B trade partners.
UK brand agency. Consulting Services.

Plan it / See it / Make it
Your home designed and visualised in 3D. Home remodelling and interior design concepts.
#3Dhomedesign imagined

B2B visual communication services for interior design. Bespoke 3D interior visuals with the products of leading international furniture brands. 3D floor plans, 3D room scenes, 3D interior design animations. Infographic design.

3D planning models. Kitchens, Furniture, Lighting. Services.
Discover great VR content for your projects.

B2B - creative services for the furniture and interior-design industry
we create and manage cross-platform content for our own businesses, and selected clients.